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Foshan Yuman ball company

Foshan yumanqiu household products Co., Ltd., inherited from Germany and innovated in China, is determined to be the overall "setter of wardrobe standards" in China. Since the launch of yumanqiu brand in 2010, it has become the wind vane of China's customized furniture market with international vision and outstanding design taste. The launch of each product makes the market look at it. In 2011, yumanqiu new industrial park officially settled in Lecong, Shunde, with a total area of about 20000 square meters. This will enhance the enterprise strength and brand height of famous ball, ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise in the future, and provide more effective and high-quality service and support for the partners around the world.

Enterprise scale

R & D, production, sales and integration of the enterprise covers an area of 20000 square meters, 200 employees, 5 production management departments, 6 production lines of international standards, and 1 manual line. There are nearly 200 franchised stores of franchisees, and "leading enterprises" and "flaunting enterprises" in the same industry have won the "top 10 brands of China's overall wardrobe" for four consecutive years
Determined to be the standard setter of home customization industry

  • 20000

    covers an area of 20000㎡

  • 200

    200 employees

  • 5

    5 production departments

  • 6

    6 production lines

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